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Bar Hours

Monday - Sunday
11am til 2am  

Kitchen Hours

Sun - Thu 11am–10pm
Fri - Sat 11am–11pm

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C'mon in and enjoy our rotating selection of over 40 beers (craft beers on tap; bottles & cans), creatively mixed cocktails, & our small, yet eclectic menu featuring housemade pierogis, kielbasy, and more!

A great place to have a good conversation with friends (or say hello & make some new ones - we're a friendly bunch), watch the game, play the jukebox, & simply relax in our warm and welcoming South Philly watering hole that will hopefully become your home away from home.  

We are also home to a wonderful and ever-expanding community art gallery, with a rotating series of exhibits and events!  Check out the talents of Philadelphia's art community and join us for our Opening Receptions with light refreshments where you can view (& purchase) the inspiring, amazing works from creative locals!

Stop in for a drink, pop by for a 6-pack, hunker down to watch the game over a few -- Try out our clever lil cocktail concoctions, maybe check out a new craft beer, enjoy some tasty, tempting, buttery & delicious house-made pierogis, and keep comin' back for all the exciting things on the horizon! We're hopin' to have sumthin' good for all ayouz!


It was a dark and stormy night when the Black Cat Tavern on 12th opened on Friday the 13th, May 2016....because, of course... & is meow open for business!  

Marlise and Tom B&W picnic pic

We've got a newly renovated, low-key, laid-back atmosphere that's perfect for our rotating art shows, dart team(s), watching retro Sci-Fi movies, hosting special events, and yelling at the TV when our Philly team's football/baseball/puck goes the wrong goshdarn direction!!  

But don't let some fancy lights and a shiny new bartop fool ya... The owners Marlise & Tom are just regular Philly folks, who've struggled to make something of their art school backgrounds, fought tooth and nail and squirreled away their pennies and somehow managed to convince a nice bank to give them a chance & the opportunity to share their love of booze and a good time with everyone.  

(They are also awesomely humbled by the warm welcome given by some of the nicest neighbors a bar could ever wish to have!)

Photos Courtesy of Marlise & Tom, and Neil Johnson, Jennifer Levitt & poorly PhotoShopped images from the Interwebs