Pub Trivia!

(otherwise known in Philly as quizzo)

Gather your friends and head on down to The Black Cat for a fun and exciting evening of boozy trivia!  Put that wealth of Pop Culture knowledge to good use!  Impress others! Win prizes! Earn bragging rights!

Gain the ability to tell others that you don’t just Quiz, you Quiz all over the competition! In fact, you dare them to mess with you…'cause you’ll just…you’ll just Quiz all over their stoopid faces! YOU ARE THE AWESOME-QUIZ-TASTIC-QUIZ CHAMPION AND ALL OTHERS SHALL FEEL YOUR QUIZZY WRATH!!!

…or ya know, something like that…


Join us for Black Cat Movie Trivia Monday with Alexis!  What better way to make it a MondayFunday!

Movie trivia fun starts at 8:30pm with quiz-y questions, and a fun movie-themed good time.


Wednesdays bring you traditional Pub Trivia hosted by “Geeks Who Drink”, that, in addition to their snappy graphics, seem to be an amazing combo of brains, snark, humor, & good spirits!

Roll in at 8pm-ish and get yer drink on -- Quiz starts *promptly* at 8:30pm & ends around 10:30pm

Hypno GWD 7.26.17.png

Drink great beer and win prizes!

New to a pub trivia quiz? problem! : )  Our personable Quiz-Masters will explain the rules, answer your questions, and you'll be a Quiz arse kickin' pro in no time!!.   


O.E.D.L. of Philadelphia

Rock it out Team Black Cat Tavern!! We luv youz guyz!!

The Olde English Dart League of Philadelphia meets on Tuesday evenings in Fall and Spring seasons.  

For more information, please visit: The OEDL PHILADELPHIA WEBSITE

Interested in joining The Black Cat Tavern on 12th team?  Email us at:

& CONGRATULATIONS to our Black Cat Tavern Division 6 Champions!!

And didja know there's also SUMMER Darts?!?...

Summer darts at the Black Cat is a great time.  The league is friendly, the bar provides food, and we have a party at the end of the season with FREE FOOD & DRINKS!!  

Come Join the league...

Visit and sign up today!!

How much does it cost?:  $15.00 - Keep in mind that you are getting 8 weeks of free meals and then a party where you drink and eat for free! (That's worth way more than $15 alone!


We play every Tuesday.

First Half runs from May 16th until July 11th (Skipping July 4th).  

Second half will run from July 18th - September 5th

Visit and sign up today!!