Black Cat Tavern Photos!…

…hold onna sec…lemme make sure the camera catches our good side ; )

Our wonderful Customers and amazing Staff are what keep us going every goshdarn day! We love featuring food things, drink things, fun things, art things, sports things, & day-to-day things that you’ve all enjoyed with us! There’s awesome parties, stellar events, delightful dishes, creative cocktails, plenty of silly nonsense moments, and *ahem*… probably a few too many cat photos than we should admit to having posted. Ha!

Go to our “Events” page to see what’s comin’ up on the horizon, or scroll through these images and see if you find a familiar face and/or wonderful memory.


— The Black Cat Tavern on 12th Team

Pardon our appearance as we building this page — more Black Cat Tavern pics coming soon!……

Division 6 Black Cat Tavern Darts Champions!