It was a dark and stormy night, when the Black Cat Tavern on 12th opened on Friday the 13th, May 2016....because, of course... 

...and is meow open for business!  

We've got a newly renovated, comfy, laid-back atmosphere that's perfect for our rotating art shows, dart team(s), watching retro TV shows & old Sci-Fi movies, hosting special events, and yelling at the TV when our Philly team's football/baseball/puck goes the wrong goshdarn direction!!  


But don't let some fancy lights and a shiny new bar-top fool ya... The owners Marlise & Tom are just regular Philly folks, who've struggled to make something of their art school backgrounds, fought tooth and nail and squirreled away their pennies and somehow managed to convince a nice bank to give them a chance & the opportunity to share their love of booze and a good time with everyone.  

(They are also awesomely humbled by the warm welcome given by some of the nicest neighbors a bar could ever wish to have!)

Stop in for a drink, pop by for a 6-pack, hunker down to watch the game over a few --     Try out our clever lil cocktail concoctions, maybe check out a new craft beer, and keep comin' back for all the exciting things on the horizon! We're hopin' to have sumthin' good for all ayouz!



2654 S. 12th Street
(NW corner at 12th St & Oregon Ave.)
South Philly, PA 19148 



M-F 4p–2a
Sa 4p–2a


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Twitter: @BlackCatTvrnPHL


Instagram: BlackCatTavernPhilly



Photos Courtesy of Marlise & Tom & Neil Johnson & poorly PhotoShopped images from the Interwebs